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Must watch

The universe sent this information to me today and I need to send it to whomever else needs to see it.  I am so inspired. -Blue

My Shadow Self…..

I have been reading about my Shadow Self, yes that sounds funny, but it is a real thing.  Not only is a real thing but a very important thing to learn about self.   I was told to read the Book  The Shadow Effect , well it took a few months to start reading it  because I... Continue Reading →

What do I want?

What do I want?  I thought I could answer that question without issue but today I asked myself that question and drew a blank stare.  Don't get me wrong, I want happiness, joy, prosperity, love, marriage, and all the normal things that most of us ask for.  If I get to the core of that question... Continue Reading →

Happiness- My Happiness

We speak about happiness but what is your definition of happiness? Better yet, what were you taught about happiness? Is happiness when you get that great dream job, is happiness when you have the perfect relationship, is happiness always waiting for the one thing to happen, or do you not have a clue what your... Continue Reading →


I have not written in a while. I don't know why,  so much has happened that is exciting , new, crazy, weird, and some things I just have to shake my head at. I feel like I have come full circle only to start over, does that make sense?  I am starting over only better... Continue Reading →

I love me some me

I love my thick eyebrows I love my nappy hair, my directional signal I love my freckles and moles, the pit stops on my path I love my lips the eclectic words that touches the heart I love my eyes for they pierce the soul I love my hands for they send chills thru the... Continue Reading →

Finally Finished it!!

I finally finished reading   A New Earth by Eckhart Toll .   I do love this book it was really good towards the end. It is one of those books that you keep handy. I learned so much and now how so many questions. One of my favorite things at the end was "The three Modalities of... Continue Reading →

A shift

I been in tune with self, I noticed a shift in my energy field.  I don't know how to explain how I know it changed or the reason for the change. I just know something is different.   Blue

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