Time is going to fast

We are coming into a new month already. I swear someone hit a button and increased how fast time flies by like 50%.   My goal next month is to focus on Self care, focus on the person I want to become and live life. I learned a lot about the person I am today versus the person I want to be.  I have to come to some conclusions and really see what I was doing to myself and allowing in my life. I also understand why I kept drawing the same type of people in my life,  this was a big eye opener. I am happy to say that I am finally content with being alone. It only took 43 years. I no longer have that drive to be in relationship.  It feels rather good to not worry about that.

ok on another note, this meditation thing, I been avoiding it because it is so hard to stop the thoughts and yes I know, you only get better with practice but sometimes it is so daunting. I promise my self that I will put forth more effort cause I know that is help me immensely.

It is Friday, I am going home to be a lump and what Star Trek and old black and white movies. Have a wonderful weekend!!

A Rose is still a Rose even if it Blue.



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