Before my mind starts to rumble thru the Jungle in the morning.  I manage to repeat “everything always work out for me” several times which leads to me repeating the rest of my morning affirmations. I am proud of my self because this morning I realized that it has become a habit. I am so proud of that. In the car I am also repeating affirmation or listening to positive  uplifting information to guide me thru my day.

I am currently working on bad habits/ distractions. I have removed or stopping using most social media apps. I still have the gram. I removed all my games except for one and working on quitting  smoking.  I have so many other positive things that I need to put my time into like finishing one of the 4 books I am reading., meditation, exercising, detoxing and just fine tuning myself. I definitely have to cut off the television. Once I am in  good groove going with letting go some of my other vices I will just unplug the television.

I have been a little anxious at night. Mind racing, it seems harder at night to refocus. I know the things that have my mind racing so I have to really refocus away from that.

Overall I am proud of myself thus far. I still have a lot of work to do and it’s a slow process but everyday is a day to gain more knowledge of self and to overcome and shed the old me.





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