PicHello, and welcome to BlueRainThings,  This blog has a little bit of everything. I couldn’t make my brain settle with one topic so we settled on what makes us happy and there are a lot of things that makes us happy. My hope is that I will be able to share these things with you and together we can have a great time.

I tend to dabble in many things, at one time I was into to photography, and then it was scrapbooking, and painting, hopefully you are starting to get the picture. I like to try new gadgets, try my hand of finding new hobbies and just laughing at the result. I tried crocheting once, that didn’t go very well but at least I can mark that off the bucket list. I hope that we can share a journey of discovery and have many laughs along the way.

Now you see me, now about this blog thing. I don’t want to limit myself to one topic right now because that kind of gives my anxiety and make me feel like I am in a box, my cat loves boxes but they aren’t for me. So for right now you will see many different topic until I feel comfortable with this blog thing. I want to be able to help other in any way that I can and be a resource for those in need of help finding things, researching and things of that nature.

Thank for you time today and I hope that you find value from my page. Please feel free to drop me line if there is anything you need or can’t find.

Thank you,

All Things Blue



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