Question for you…

Why is it when you meet someone you can see past the 37 flaws but 3 months in they start pointing out your flaws like they don’t  have any?




Currently Reading

I love books.  I love the feel of holding a book in my hand and just the accomplishment of finishing a book putting it on the shelf and starting another one. I have Audible so I also listen to books but nothing compares to the old school way of sitting in corner and just getting lost in the book and letting your imagination take you away.  I am reading multiple books right now. My current favorite Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.  This book has helped me understand why I reacted and why I was stuck in a rut for so many years. The information contained in this book has been life changing for me.  I must admit I didn’t read this book starting on the first page. I was seeking information , and I found this book and the information that I was seeking was  in a different chapter. I gained much understanding of why my body and mind was not in sync and now I am reading the rest.  In my opinion I read the book in the exact order that I needed to. I hope that you will take the time to read this one.




Staying Power

It feels good to want to stay in a state of Happiness and Joy, I popped my eyes open this morning and the words ” Everything always works out for me” flowed effortlessly from my mouth. I immediately went to Happiness, Joy and Prosperity. I have to say this feeling is amazing not that I don’t have to remind myself and redirect myself but the feeling of wanting to stay in tuned with Happiness and  Joy and kick those negative thought to the curb is awesome.  I will say that nights are difficult  I have a hard time kicking the negative thought to the curb. I have to look at what I am doing that I don’t realize I  am doing.

I have to get back to sitting in my space and my meditation. I think I am going to move my space around because I don’t think the corner works for me. Once I am consistent with those things, I think that will bring me full circle.  I know I have lots to learn and work on but I will be moving in the right direction with all forces working in my favor for greater receiving  and manifestation.  I can feel my body adjusting to Happiness  and Joy.





The Expansion of me……

Every event we experience is a chance at expansion of self.  It is true that we keep repeating the same events over and over until we get it right.  This is logic and spiritual in nature in my opinion. As these moments come and go and I realize all the time what should have been staring me the face, all I can do is laugh. The simplest things tend to escape our grasp, I finally understand what it means, when someone says, “Get out of your own way”, I swear I would get angry when someone would say that to me.  Like why do people talk in riddles, I guess no matter how they said it, if I wasn’t ready I would not have got it.  I truly get it now. I care more about how I feel and what I want then the cares and needs of others. How I feel matters, what I want matters, I matter…..


I understand that I always need to strive for my expansion, I must continue to grow every day, I have to continue to look for the positive, growth, happiness, joy, and good feeling every day and this will allow that part of me that I have been ignoring to get stronger and stronger until it is just a natural part of who I am just as for so many years I was in tune with the ugly parts of myself.



Still plugging away at this thing called change….

I been reading , saying my affirmations, redirecting negative thoughts (still in progress) , focusing my thoughts on what I do want and not what I don’t want, and most of all just be an observer in my own life.

I can’t say that I ever took to the time to observe myself,  it is really an eye opening experience. I watched myself make decisions,  observe the result, and take notes of the my reaction and how I could have made it better next time. I am learning why certain things happen in my life, and why my results are consistently the same ( yeah the definition of insanity). I am excited about this phase in my life. I learned that I don’t have to carry around the past, I do not have to react from past emotions, I can chose not to let it effect me. I can unlearn these things. I have some many triggers that cause an emotional reaction, how did I ever survive this long.  I now feel the emotion and then try to understand why I have that emotion and then evaluate if it is still valid. If not I just throw it away and keep it moving.

I still have other things  to work out but I know I am on the right track.  I also know that everything will fall in place in due time.

Thank you for reading.



My Message from the Universe

The message I received last night was to continue to build myself up using all the tools I already have. I will continue doing what I initially started  doing. I know how to get the knowledge to feed my brain but I have to incorporate the Physical aspect so that I am balance in all directions.







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The universe is so powerful..

I sat in my space yesterday and I spoke as I normally do and I had questions and before I  could finish asking the question the universe was already answering me.

I made a comment about something and basically said I didn’t understand or know what to do with it and the universe provided answers the very next day.

Tune in Tapped in Turn on. (Abraham Hicks)